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August 6, 2010
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(PLEASE REMEMBER TO READ THE DESCRIPTION! Also, this is a SEQUEL to my other fanfiction; the link is in the description. Thank you, and enjoy~)

Part One: A Frustrated Finn

His dreams swirled in an unstoppable tempest of hobbits, crimson roses, Middle Earth, Asteroid B-612, cursed rings, and talking animals. To most, this would be a dream of complete nonsense. But, to the anthropomorphic Republic of Finland, these vagaries were nothing more than the backwash of last night's bedtime story escapades.

The sleeping Finn was awakened by a warm breath that brushed tenderly across his cheek. He decided not to move, wanting desperately to fall back to sleep. It shocked him when a hot, wet tongue trailed itself along the shell of his ear. He moaned softly at the sensation, still refusing to open his eyes.

"S-Su-san…" he mumbled, cheeks flushing. "Not now; I've only been asleep for three hours at the most. I'm too tired for that…" However, the sticky tongue still persisted to lick at his sensitive spots on his neck. Finally, Finland opened his eyes and sat upright in bed, his face a bright red color. "Su-san! I said--"

A pair of black eyes framed by fluffy white fur stared back at him innocently. The small dog barked and wagged her tail as her master patted her on the head. "… Good morning, Hanatamago," Finland chuckled quietly. "Was that you licking me?" She leaned into the soft touch and swiftly jumped off of the bed. She barked again, not taking her eyes off her master. Finland sighed; he knew that she had to be put outside to do her "business". He got out of the bed, as well, but not before glancing at his sleeping husband. The tall Swede reminded him of a hibernating bear, his breath coming in and out slowly and evenly. All throughout the retelling of Lord of the Rings, last night, Sweden listened silently and intently, never once taking his eyes off the smaller nation. Finland had to admit that having Sweden stare at him for so long was a bit frightening, but, at the same time, it also felt nice having the one you love keep his unwavering gaze on you, and you alone.

Now that he thought about it, Finland reasoned that Sweden should be the one who put the dog out, seeing as all he did was listen to a bedtime story, while Finland had to tell two of them! "Oh well…" Finland said aloud. He didn't really mind letting Hanatamago out all too much. He opened the front door, allowing the walking ball of fluff to trot outside onto the blanket of snow on the ground. He shivered at the cold gust of air that invaded his house from the open doorway. The nation then lazily trudged back to the bedroom, snuggled down into the warm sheets once again, and promised that this was only a short rest, and that he would bring Hanatamago inside in just a bit.

Little did he know that the clutches of sleep were anxiously waiting for his return.

*       *       *

The next thing that Finland realized was a soft knock at the door. He rolled over in bed and glanced at the clock; it was 7:08 am. He groaned, hoping that the knock was only his overtired imagination playing tricks on him. But alas, the hesitant knocking was heard a second time, this time a bit louder than the last. Finland turned his head to face the sleeping Swede.

"Hey, Su-san," he said, lightly shaking the man's shoulder. It would be his turn to get up now. Sweden didn't respond. "Su-san, wake up," Finland shook the man's shoulder a bit rougher this time. "There's someone at the door." Sweden still didn't budge, nor show any signs of waking up. After a short period of silence, Finland gave a frustrated sigh and got out of the covers, once again. His feet mindlessly guided him down the flight of stairs to the foyer. He opened up the front door to a short, nervous teenager, with his fist raised in the air, poised to knock again, and his gaze cast downward. Before Finland could say anything, the boy moved his fist forward to knock again. However, instead of knocking on the wooden door, his fist rapped on Finland's chest.

"Ah--" he said in distress once he felt Finland's torso instead of wood. "I'm s-s-so sorry!"

Finland sighed, a perturbed look settling over his tired facial expressions. "It's alright, Latvia." The boy looked up at the mention of his name.

"Good m-m-morning, Mr. Finland," he stuttered.

"Good morning," Finland stepped aside to let the Latvian walk through the doorway. "What brings you here so early in the morning?"

"Oh, um, I was told by--"

"Latvia!" a voiced outburst from inside the house. It was none other than Sealand. For some reason, the boy was already dressed and looking very awake.

"Hello, Sealand," said Latvia. "Um… why did you want me to come here so badly? You woke me up with the walkie-talkie quite early…"

Sealand grabbed the taller boy's arm. "I just got the greatest idea EVER! We're gonna make a movie!"

"A m-movie!?" Sealand then began to drag the Baltic nation down the hallway and into his room when Finland spoke up.

"Sealand," he said in a stern voice that only an experienced parent could use. The micronation froze, and then turned around to face his "Mama".


"May I have a word with you?"

"…Alright…" He dragged his feet as he walked.

"When did I say that you could have a friend over this early in the morning?" Finland kept his voice down so that Latvia couldn't hear him.

"Well, I didn't mean to wake you up," the small blond furrowed his thick eyebrows. "I'm sorry, Mama."

Finland was about to complain about being called "Mama" (it was almost as bad as being called "m'wife"), but the defeated look in his adopted son's eyes just about melted his heart. The Finn exhaled deeply. "Fine," he said at last, rubbing his forehead. He could feel a bad headache coming on. "Just remember to ask me first, next time." Sealand's face lit up as he thanked his parental figure, and then pulled Latvia into his room to commence their activities.

Once more, Finland lumbered back up the stairs and into his bedroom. He cumbrously got into bed, and closed his eyes. He was just about to let sleep take over when he heard his door creak open. The Finn's eyes opened abruptly.

"Uh…" It was Sealand.

"What?" Finland asked bluntly.

Sealand hesitated slightly. "Latvia didn't have breakfast, yet. Me neither."

"Well, can't you make it, yourselves? Make something simple." Usually, if this were any other morning, he would have gladly made breakfast for the two boys. But, on this particular morning, he was exhausted beyond reason.

"…Okay." Sealand shut the door and stomped down the stairs.

'At last', Finland thought. 'I'll finally get some sleep…'


Finland's bloodshot eyes shot open like those of an angry beast that had just found out that his prey had been stolen. He glared at the alarm clock sitting atop the nightstand. "Perkele…" he mumbled crossly.

Suddenly, Sweden stirred next to him. "Mornin', Fin," the man mumbled before languidly grabbing the shorter nation in a warm hug. He nuzzled his face into the Finn's hair as the two spooned underneath the warm covers.

"Of course, you wake up now…" Finland murmured indignantly.


"Oh, it's nothing, Su-san." Finland clumsily extricated himself from the other's grasp. It appeared as if he would get no time to sleep. He made his way over to the wardrobe and picked out a random outfit. He was about to change out of his pajamas when he felt a presence behind him. "Su-san…?"

"Ya look t'red, Fin," said Sweden with an almost tangible glare.

"Well, yes; in fact, I am very tired."

"Ya still w'nt to sleep?"

"No, t-that's alright." Finland waited until the other man walked away with a concerned look on his face. He got dressed and went downstairs to find Sealand in front of the stove, spatula in hand, as he tried his best to make an omelet for Latvia and himself. However, the boy apparently inherited his older brother's cooking skills, as the "omelet" appeared to be nothing but a burnt yellow mush.
Without saying a word, Finland offered his outstretched hand, and Sealand silently gave him the spatula.

*       *       *

Finland's body was slumped over at the kitchen table. He was left in the room alone after the boys had finished their breakfast that Finland prepared for them. His eyelids were dangerously heavy. 'Maybe, if I fall asleep right here in this chair, no one will notice…' he thought.


An impatient knocking reverberated through both the front door and Finland's mind. Finland silently fumed, not getting up from his spot at the table. 'Who could it possibly be now!?' Luckily, Sweden also heard the knocking and went to answer the door.

"Sverige!!!" the tall Dane vociferated excitedly.

"H'llo, Denmark," Sweden mumbled unenthusiastically.

"Hey, I bet you'll never guess what I found in my backyard!" Denmark let himself in and walked into the kitchen so both Sweden and Finland could see him. Suddenly, he pulled out a white ball of fluff from inside his jacket. The puffball barked.

"Hanatamago!?" Finland exclaimed. The small dog jumped down from the man's arms and wagged her tail at both Sweden and Finland. "How did she get all the way--"

And then Finland finally remembered.

"… Ah!" He mentally scolded himself. "I… I let her out this morning, and forgot to take her back in…"

Sweden stared down at him. "… s'alright. She's b'ck, n'w."

"I know, but what if something happened to her? What if she had gone into Russia's backyard? What if--"

"Wow, you look really tired, Fin! Are you alright?" Denmark interjected. Finland shot him an irritated glance. His headache was getting worse. The Dane slyly raised an eyebrow and grinned. "Don't tell me that you two did it all night lo--" He stopped mid-sentence once he saw Sweden's frightening glare.

Finland suddenly got up from the chair. "I'll be back," he said bluntly.

"Where 're ya goin'?" Sweden asked, concerned.

"I just need to go for a walk." And, with that as his farewell, Finland left through the door after he had snagged his coat, Hanatamago deciding to follow him.

*       *       *

The Finn sighed heavily as he walked along the road. He looked down at the dog. "Is it really my fault that you ran away?" Hanatamago just barked happily. Sometimes, it was better to talk to animals about your problems than to talk to people. Finland glowered. "I mean, is it really a lot to ask for a little help from time to time? If Su-san was awake, he could've at least helped me out a bit…" He angrily kicked a pebble that skidded along the icy road, and shivered. He scolded himself for not bringing his warmer coat with him.

He walked along in silence for some time. The calm was broken once Hanatamago slipped and skidded across a patch of ice. Finland watched her get up again, still as bouncy as ever. 'I should really go back…' he thought, and sighed. Swiftly turning around, he walked at a brisk pace back home. "But what should I say to him…? I really--"

Finland's sentence was cut short by his feet giving out under him. His feet tried desperately to regain traction, but to no avail. He had slipped on a patch of ice that he hadn't noticed before.

"Ah--!" He landed on his backside abruptly on the freezing ground, a sharp pain at the back of his skull. "Ow, my head…"

Suddenly, his vision blurred and everything turned black, the only sound being the short yips coming from Hanatamago.

*       *       *

"Ow…" Finland rubbed the back of his head. He got up from the ice, his dog patiently waiting for him. 'That's odd,' he thought. 'Did I pass out?'

He then felt a sudden chill in the air and looked around. There appeared to be the start of a blizzard. Wide-eyed, he dashed toward home, not wanting to get caught in a snowstorm, the little dog following suit.

When he finally burst through the doorway, the blizzard had gotten worse. He had never seen winds like this in his entire life.

"Su-san? Sealand?" he called frantically. "Latvia? Denmark?" He frenziedly looked around the house for any signs of his family. It appeared that everyone had left. 'Maybe they all went looking for me?' he thought. 'Oh no! What if they're still outside in the storm!?' Finland ran over to the window.

"Wh-what the hell!?" he exclaimed. Apparently, the house was not on the ground any more; it had been lifted by the powerful winds. Finland, wide-eyed, looked down at the ground far below his home. "This is impossible! I must be dreaming!" Try as he might, Finland could not wake up from this nightmare.

So, he did what anyone with a flying house would do in this kind of situation; he grabbed his dog and hid under the kitchen table.


Then, everything was still. The nervous Finn looked around; everything was eerily silent. 'Did we land?' Slowly, he got up – dog still in hand – and made his way to the front door. He cautiously pushed it open and…

His mouth hung agape. "Wow…" The world outside appeared to be a colorful paradise. There were flowers everywhere, tiny houses, birds chirping merrily, bright blue skies, and crystal-clear water. It looked like something right out of a fairytale. Finland was speechless.

Suddenly, he turned around to see a giant bubble floating down from the sky. He eyed it suspiciously until it faded to reveal a figure in a sparkly pink dress. Finland was at a loss for words.

The figure held up his wand. "Like, you're so totally not in Kansas, anymore~!"

To Be continued...
Part 2: [link]

Greetings, everyone~!
This is my second Hetalia fanfiction! This is supposed to be a comedy, but the first chapter isn't too funny. Hilarity will ensue in the chapters to come!!! I hoped you enjoyed reading the first part! :meow: There will be more to come!

If you haven't figured it out already, this is a parody of the classic 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. This movie has always been a favorite of mine since I was young, so I'm glad I was finally able to make a parody of it with Hetalia characters!

You might need to read my other fanfiction to know what's going on, and why Finland is so tired. You can read it here: [link]
Both fanfictions are parodies.

If you've never seen The Wizard of Oz, then this piece of writing might be very confusing to you, but hopefully it'll still be enjoyable!
Just in case, I'll post YouTube videos that correspond with the chapters in these little comments down at the bottom.
The flying house scene: [link]
"not in Kansas anymore" scene: [link]

In the first chapter, Finland is pretty much just pissed off that he gets no help around the house. He always appears to be kind and gentle, but doesn't everyone have a bit of a dark side? :meow:

It's obvious that Finland is Dorothy, and Hanatamago is Toto, but who could be the mysterious person playing Glinda...? :iconohohoplz:
And could it really be the last we see of Sweden, Sealand, Latvia, and Denmark!?
Find out in the next chapter!!! :D

I'd like to give a big thanks to :iconlitsy-kalyptica: for proofreading this! THANKS A BUNCH!!! :iconglompplz:

I read all of my comments, and appreciate every single one of them! :)

Hetalia: Axis Powers (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
The Wizard of Oz (c) L. Frank Baum

EDIT: oh yeah, I won't forget about Sealand and Latvia's movie~! ;D (look forward to it, much later!)

EDIT#2: Originally, I had Denmark calling Finland "Finland", but, after seeing Mr. Himaruya's new Nordic chart thing, it says that Denmark calls him "Fin"; thus the edit. :meow:
You can see the chart here: [link]
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